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Mathieu Vreeswijk

Mathieu Vreeswijk
Mathieu Vreeswijk began his career at a law firm in Haarlem. He then worked at a large international law firm in Amsterdam. During his career, he has his penchant for property and civil procedure is developed and thereby take. Regularly in court In Flinck Lawyers hold Mathieu mainly involved in litigating and advising in the field of real estate law, contract law, attachment, execution and liens. Mathieu has extensive experience in:

  • Preparation of (complex) leases and sales contracts
  • Premises and office space
  • Adoption Agreements under the UAV
  • Dispute resolution in construction
  • Arbitration Board for Construction
  • Civil appeal
  • Civil litigation and litigation
  • Terms and conditions
  • Liability
  • property law
  • Securities (including property, mortgage and deposit)
  • Opstal, leasehold
  • HOA law
  • contracts
  • money Claims
  • trade Disputes
  • bankruptcy law