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Seizure and foreclosure law

seizure and foreclosure

Seizure and foreclosure law

Are you looking for a specialized attorney in the field of seizure and foreclosure law in Amsterdam? Or are you being confronted with a foreclosure dispute or has your property been seized? Flinck Attorneys is the address you need. Flinck Attorneys has specialized attorneys in the field of seizure and foreclosure law.

The attorneys at Flinck regularly litigate international seizure and foreclosure disputes, which is why they have up-to-date and ready knowledge in this unusual field. Particularly in proceedings in which time is of the essence, a seizure or foreclosure expert can stand apart from the rest. Do you want to seize before judgement in the Netherlands? In some cases, this can be arranged within 24 hours.

Are you being confronted with a seizure in the Netherlands? Our experts will gladly advise you.

At Flinck Attorneys we are specialized in topics such as:

  • Maintenance obligation seizure
  • Prejudgement seizure of shares
  • Prejudgement seizure
  • Seizure under a warrant of execution
  • Seizure under foreclosure of premises and mortgage
  • Foreclosure sale
  • Foreclosure interim injunction proceedings
  • Tax seizure and seizure by the tax authorities
  • Committal for failure to comply with a judicial order
  • Wrongful seizure
  • Removal of seizure/prejudgement seizure
  • Fraudulent seizure