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Real Estate Law


Real Estate Law

Are you looking for a real estate attorney or a lease lawyer in Amsterdam or the Netherlands? Or are you being confronted with a dispute or a lawsuit? Flinck Attorneys is the address you need. Flinck Attorneys has specialized lawyers in the field of real estate and tenancy law.

In addition to buying and selling real estate, the attorneys at Flinck Attorneys also have vast experience in the field of renting and leasing housing accommodations and retail space. Read more articles from our specialized attorneys under our current affairs tab.

At Flinck Attorneys we are specialized in topics such as:

  • Apartment rights
  • Construction law
  • Servitudes
  • Ground lease
  • Lease
  • Tenancy law regarding housing accommodation
  • Tenancy law regarding business accommodation
  • Mortgage rights
  • Buying/selling of private immovable property
  • Buying/selling of commercial real estate
  • Common ownership