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Law of Obligations


Law of Obligations

Are you looking for a specialized obligations law or contract law attorney in the Netherlands? Or are you (wrongfully) being held accountable? Are you being summoned to appear before the Dutch court? At Flinck Attorneys you have come to the right place. Flinck has specialized lawyers in the field of the law of obligations, liability law and law of contracts.

Think for instance of drafting contracts/commercial contracts or dissolving these, but also of litigating international commercial disputes or claims of wrongful acts. Read more articles from our specialized attorneys under our current affairs tab.

At Flinck Attorneys we are specialized in topics such as:

  • Liability law
  • Building contracts
  • Buying/selling contracts
  • Unjustified enrichment
  • Wrongful act
  • Undue payment
  • Gifts
  • Management of affairs