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Real Estate Law

Flinck Attorneys has specialised knowledge of all legal aspects of immovable property. In addition to buying and selling real estate, the attorneys of Flinck Attorneys also have vast experience in the field of renting and leasing housing and business accommodations.

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Seizure and Foreclosure Law

Are you (unexpectedly) confronted with a seizure in the Netherlands, or do you perhaps have a claim for which you want to seize before judgement or under a warrant of execution? The lawyers at Flinck Attorneys law firm are familiar with the practice of international seizure and foreclosure rights.

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Corporate Law

The enterprising attorneys at Flinck Attorneys law firm in Amsterdam have years of experience in the field of corporate law and acquisitions. In addition, they handle many litigations related to shareholders’ disputes, cooperation agreements, general terms and conditions, commercial disputes, restructuring and (management) liability.

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Bankruptcy Law

The attorneys of our law firm regularly advise and litigate about bankruptcy law in the Netherlands. This may involve management liability procedures, filing for bankruptcy or advising on (international) restructuring matters.

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Law of Obligations

The team of Flinck Attorneys has vast experience in the law of obligations and the law of contracts. Think for instance of instituting cross-border contracts or dissolving these, but also of litigating commercial disputes or claims of wrongful acts. The attorneys at Flinck Attorneys also have vast experience in the field of liability law.

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Debt Collection

With the debt collection specialists of Flinck Attorneys you are guaranteed effective collection of your monetary claim in the Netherlands for an exceptionally competitive price. Flinck Attorneys can advise you about instituting interim injunction proceedings for debt collection, petitions in bankruptcy or proceedings in the merits.

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